About us

Elemental Projects is a boutique training company, specialising in project management. We take a personalised approach to professional development, with learning programs for:
  • aspiring and practicing project managers
  • project team members and support staff
  • program and portfolio managers
  • project sponsors, executives, and those who manage project managers as part of their operational role

What makes us so different?

For learners, we ensure that training is engaging, valuable, and easily transferred to the workplace. Our objective is to ensure that every participant leaves their course equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to immediately apply what they have learned to their work based projects.

For our corporate clients, we deliver cost effective, flexible learning programs that are tailored to the organisation’s project management maturity, context and methodology (if there is one). We work closely with our clients to ensure that each course is impeccably planned, executed and evaluated post-delivery, to maximise the benefits of training and the return on your investment.

We achieve this by:

Customising training programs 

Because, in the world of project management, one size does not fit all, we work with clients to customise each program by:

  • Tailoring content, including case studies, group activities and assessments, to reflect the participants’ industry and technical domain (e.g. Health, Defence, IT, etc.) so that the knowledge and skills learned are relevant and more easily applied.
  • Linking to the workplace by incorporating guest presentations (e.g. from the PMO/EPMO); using internal templates for assessment; and embedding references to the organisation’s project management methodology, documents, processes and protocols. This links the generic, industry-standard theory to the learner’s specific workplace context.
  • Tailoring the focus points to suit the organisation’s industry, sector and typical project type. For example, organisations that run mostly ‘hard’ projects (with tangible products/outputs) tend to emphasise scope, time, cost and quality management – as is typical in construction, engineering, Defence and transport industries, for example. On the other hand, organisations that run mostly ‘soft’ projects (with intangible products/results) tend to prioritise stakeholder engagement, communication, benefits realisation and governance – as is typical in the environment, community services, health and not-for-profit sectors. Organisations that are somewhere in between may prefer a balanced coverage of all project management knowledge areas, as well as the prevailing methodology used in that sector – for example, banks and telcos tend to value a good, general understanding of project management, combined with training in Agile or PRINCE2.



Great trainers 

We understand the importance of an interesting and engaging trainer. A great trainer is one who has extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matter that they teach; plus the communication and presentation skills to impart this knowledge and skillset onto others. Our trainers are highly qualified experts in project, program and portfolio management. But, more than that, they are also skilled facilitators with proven track records for making training interesting, engaging and challenging for participants.

Making training fun

Why shouldn’t training be fun? At Elemental Projects, we work hard to ensure that every course incorporates a range of practical, engaging and, yes – fun – activities. Studies show that knowledge gained while having fun is retained for longer, and is more likely to be applied in the future. Studies also show that different people learn in different ways: –

  • Visual learners will benefit most from our image-rich presentations, graphs, pictures, and videos;
  • Auditory learners will prefer to sit back and listen to our trainers explain the theory and share their war-stories; while
  • Kinaesthetic learners will enjoy the practical group-based activities, workshops, and project management simulations.



Supporting an adaptive approach to project management 

Successful project managers are able to adapt their project management approach to suit the industry, technical domain, and complexity of each project. For example, construction projects (aka “hard projects”) tend to require a stronger focus on Scope, Time, Cost and Quality Management; while organisational change projects (aka “soft projects) require a stronger focus on Communication, Stakeholder Engagement, Governance and Benefits Realisation. We teach project management in a way that helps learners to understand what type of project they are working on, and then apply the approach that is most likely to lead to project success.

Practicing what we preach 

Every training event that we deliver is project-managed to ensure that we meet our customer’s needs in terms of timely, cost-effective training that ‘hits the mark’ every time. This approach places the customer at the centre of all our projects and ensures that all stakeholders – especially the training participants – enjoy a smooth and well-supported experience, from registration through to graduation.