In-house delivery

This course is only available for in-house delivery and can be customised to suit the specific needs of each client. To enquire about the course, please click below.

Introduction to Project Management

The ultimate team-building experience…

The Game is a one-day project management simulation that provides a fun, engaging and highly effective means of building team unity and cohesion, whilst developing knowledge, skill and experience in project management.

Simulations, and gamification in general, are at the leading edge of adult education as they provide a bridge between theory based learning and work based application. It also provides an opportunity for kinaesthetic learning (“learning by doing”).

Unlike computer-based simulations, The Game is an interactive, team-based simulation that deliberately brings people together to develop the soft skills and behavioural competencies known to underpin successful projects.

The Game is a dual-purpose simulation specifically designed for both:

  1. Professional development of project staff; and
  2. Team building for project teams.

As a professional development activity, The Game is a highly effective platform for learning about best-practice project management concepts, terms, processes, tools and techniques, in line with the global standard for project management theory – the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK 5th Edition). The fact that it is fun and enjoyable only increases its effectiveness as a learning tool.

On the other hand, as a team-building activity, The Game develops individual and team attributes that are the basis of high-performing teams, including trust, communication, reflection, problem solving, innovation, negotiation, and collaboration, while providing infinitely more value compared with traditional team building events, such as bowling and pup-lunches.

The Simulation

Over the course of the day, participants work together in teams to manage a project across the entire project life cycle, from the Initiation Phase, through to Planning, Implementation and ultimately Closure.

The day begins with a short overview of project management fundamentals. After morning tea, the simulation commences with a scene adapted from the hit TV-show Mad Men, in which a disagreement between the client (Miss Mencken) and the Creative Director of Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (Don Draper) leads to Sterling Cooper losing the Mencken Account.

This sparks a project in which participants compete in teams, as rival advertising agencies, to pitch for the Mencken Account. Along the way, they are challenged by limited resources, strict deadlines, ambiguous quality requirements, limited access to stakeholders, emerging threats and opportunities, and unexpected issues.

 “The Game was a brilliant way to kick-off our project. It really does simulate a real project – dealing with stakeholders, juggling the budget and schedule, managing issues…  There was a lot of laughter, but we were also definitely focused on completing the project successfully!  We still joke about things that happened in The Game, and have found so many of the learnings are relevant to our real projects.”   – WC, Project Manager, Suncorp.