Ecademy is an innovative video library for project managers. It’s a revolutionary learning platform with a streamlined online pathway to a nationally recognised qualification in Project Management.

We designed it for people who manage projects of any type or size, whatever your:

  • Industry (IT, construction, health, business, engineering, education, climate change, Defence…);
  • Sector (private, public, not-for-profit…); or
  • Purpose (getting work, doing projects in more structured and efficient way, helping staff improve their project management knowledge and skills, or just making your personal projects easier and more successful…).

Ecademy features over 10 hours of bite-sized chunks of project management guidance and how-to instruction – all via 5-10 minute videos that cover best practice project management concepts, methodologies, processes, terms, tools and techniques. It’s online learning as it should be.

Once we’re live, you will be able to access our video library any time you want some quick and practical information about anything to do with project management (“how do I create a Project Plan?”, “what will my project cost?”, “how long will it take?”, “what’s a fixed-price contract?”, “how can I motivate my team?”, “what information should I put in a Project Status Report?”, “what on earth is Earned Value??”…).

You will also be able to ‘show what you know’ to earn a nationally recognised Diploma of Project Management by:

  • Doing a short quiz at the end of each video
  • Uploading documentation from actual projects (or one of our case studies) to our secure assessment portal
  • Having an online interview with your personal workplace assessor

We look forward to sharing all this with you very soon…..

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