Project Simulations

Powerful, team-based project management simulations.

We create award-winning events in which participants work together to manage a simulated project throughout the project life cycle – from Initiation, to Planning, Implementaiton, and Closure.

Along the way, teams are challenged by limited resources, strict deadlines, ambiguous quality requirements, emerging threats and opportunities, and unexpected twists, turns, and issues… all set against the backdrop of a vintage pop TV show, medieval war game, iconic retro cartoon, or vivid online gaming platform.

Simulations are at the leading edge of adult education as they provide a bridge between theory based learning and work based application. They enable a layered approach to training and education, and an opportunity to practice new ways of working in a safe, controlled environment. They take the sting out of failure, and protect inviduals (and organisations) from the risks of “learning on the job”.

Ideal for:

  • Team-building to develop trust, understanding, and rapport between team members
  • Developing technical knowledge and skills in project mangaement
  • Developing a range of interpersonal competencies, or “soft skills”, such as leadership, innovation, and communication
  • Emphasising concepts and phenomena that are only really understood through experience (such as scope creep, team dynamics, and problem solving)
  • Supporting cultural transformations by rewarding desired behaviours, traits and attitudes (such as collabortation, knowledge sharing, and risk management)
  • Creating a safe, non-threatening environment in which people can learn from failure, form new habits, experiment, and reflect.
Discover the power of simulations as a tool for team building and professional development of project personnel at all levels; from project managers, to technical project team members, program managers, and senior executives.