Video in Change Management

A businessman makes a presentation to an audience, in front of a global, connected map
11 Apr 2016

Video – changing the face of change management

Whether in project management or change management, learning and development is essential for an organisation to succeed. An increasingly fast paced and globalised world has put increased capital on having flexible resources that you can redirect, as well as a team that exists in a learning culture.

The pace and reach of modern organisations also presents challenges for training, many of which can be addressed by incorporating both video and media into your training plan along with more traditional classroom based activities. More than this, these mediums present a range of benefits for a wide variety of teams and purposes.

5 Reasons to Use Video and Media for Project Management, Change Management & Training

Let’s explore the multifaceted benefits of video and media in project management and change management training.

1. Accessibility Anywhere, Anytime

The modern workplace is no longer restricted by the physical boundaries of geography, and while this is positive for collaboration and talent-management, it can present problems in the realm of face-to-face training.

Modern video technology solves this problem, allowing development managers to train remote teams, freelancers and overseas resources via a visual medium. This remote learning also presents opportunities to integrate interactivity, e-learning and other mediums into your training sessions.

2. Learning at Your Own Pace

A practical limitation of face-to-face training is time restraints and deadlines. This often means that – outside individual follow-ups – team members are forced to learn at a similar pace.

The flexibility of video lectures, interactive activities and similar learning tools is that they can be referenced and reused, facilitating individual learning in bite-sized portions.

This allows you to remove both geographic and time-based limitations in learning.

3. Enhance Messages and Improve Experiences

Project managers need to thoroughly understand their team in order to motivate them and achieve the best results. Similarly, training must be underscored by the knowledge that people learn in different ways.

These different learning methodologies make comprehensive and engaging training absolutely vital. By utilising videos and images, presentations and activities, you can create and deliver more engaging training content that appeals to people’s visual and auditory mechanisms. Better yet – combine e-learning with traditional classroom training to deliver a dynamic blended learning program.

4. Engage the Millennial Workforce

With generation Y becoming more and more prominent in the demographic of workplaces and leadership roles, new approaches to training are required. 

An effective way to introduce and upskill a new generation for your projects is by specifically appealing to their target group. Self-directed learning, e-learning, and easy access to resources all reflect the generation Y status quo. By using video, technology, and other shareable mediums in your training or business/project practices, you can better reach and educate this target group.

5. Provide a Platform for Diverse Stakeholders

One of the biggest training challenges in project management is acclimatising new starters such as contractors not just to the parameters of a project, but to the overall methodology and goals of an organisation.

It’s important to fast track this process without compromising the training itself, which is where video training can help. Not only is it faster, easier and cheaper, it’s also generally more engaging.

Video and other interactive media can introduce new staff to the corporate structure, industry events, company information and acclimatise them to project parameters, methodologies, and key stakeholders. It can be a vital part of delivering a change program and implementing project governance and controls across portfolios, programs and projects. Video can also be used to create project promotional material for external use and information updates for internal use.

Whether it’s for managing human resources or driving a more effective learning culture; video, imagery, and other multimedia resources are essential. At Elemental Projects, we offer video production services to help every project and training session thrive. Talk to us today to leverage the benefits that video training can have for you.