Is training in Project Management really worth it?

Posted on12 Feb 2019
Alright…so, you’ve been browsing PM for some time now. Perhaps um-ing and arh-ing about which project management course, if any, you could or should do to better position yourself at work, or in your career. Maybe you want to increase your salary potential? Or perhaps, you’d...
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Project Management – what is it in simple terms?

Posted on31 Jan 2019
Let’s start with a simple breakdown… The act of Project Management refers to how we apply a set of processes and structures to an activity that’s not central to business operations, or in other words, a project. This set of processes helps us to ensure we can achieve...
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2017 Project Management Retrospective

Posted on16 Jan 2018
Growth Trajectory, Improved Results & Emerging Trends The project management industry continues to show strong growth both globally and locally as indicated by the number of new projects across industry and the increased demand for project skills in jobs. The PMI’s Project Talent & Job Gap...
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Le Brouhaha

Posted on21 Nov 2017
An Agile project management simulation set in 18th Century revolutionary France. The French term “brouhaha” has the following translations according to the English Collins dictionary:  hubbub; commotion; a babel of noise; a babble of voices; cross talk. Sounds like projects to us! A glorious din of collaboration,...
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The Accidental Project Manager Boom

Posted on08 Sep 2017
Nothing Accidental About Project Growth According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMIs) Talent Gap Report it is projected that more than 15.7 million new Project Manager (PM) roles will be created globally by 2020 with an economic impact of more than US$18 trillion and spread across...
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The Evolving Definition of Project Success

Posted on09 Aug 2017
Project Success Rates are Rising Good news often does not travel as fast as bad, and it may surprise you to learn that the annual PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2017 global survey found that project success rates had risen for the first time in five...
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2016 – Project Management Post Year Review

Posted on14 Jan 2017
Key Project Management Trends No sooner did the shops start to put up Christmas decorations in October than it seems we have been thrown headlong into a new year, leaving 2016 unceremoniously behind us. It was an eventful year globally, politically, environmentally, economically and socially –...
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Indigenous Project Managers’ Workshop

Posted on09 Dec 2016
Professional Development, Capability, Diversity and Inclusivity Elemental Projects are absolutely delighted to have supported the National Aboriginal College to design and deliver the Indigenous Project Managers’ Workshop in November 2016. Our Principal and Director, Kestrel Stone, worked closely with Normal Ingram from the National Aboriginal College on...
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EP Wins ‘Best Use of Gamification/ Simulation for Learning’

Posted on07 Dec 2016
Elemental Projects Wins ‘Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning’ at the AITD Excellence Awards 2016 We are proud to announce that our epic project simulation, The Battle, designed by Elemental Projects in collaboration with client Sydney Water, won the ‘Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning’ at the Australian...
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‘The Battle’ Project Simulation

Posted on28 Sep 2016
Check out the video to see ‘The Battle’ in action… The Brief, Design & Execution Elemental Projects was excited to take on the challenge to design and deliver a project simulation for a project community of 180+ staff for client Sydney Water in 2016 as part of their broader...
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6 Reasons Why You Need Project Management

Posted on18 Aug 2016
Projects are about changing, improving, and ‘future-proofing’ organisations and communities. Projects are how organisations from across the public and private sectors implement their corporate strategy, achieve organisational goals, deliver outcomes, implement policy, restructure, upgrade, innovate, engage, and so on… To do this, they need a strong...
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Team Building Strategies for the 21st Century

Posted on01 Aug 2016
6 Team Building Strategies Team building events rarely live up to expectation and deliver limited benefits to individuals, teams or the business. Anna Keavney asks WHY and provides some practical team building strategies to maximise outcomes and inject these events with excitement and learning. Read these Team Building Strategies...
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Love Affair with Projects

Posted on20 Jul 2016
As I sat across the Senior HR Partner from a big 4 bank in a job interview, he leaned complicity towards me and said, “I can’t tell you what the project is, its top secret, so do you want the job?” From that moment on I...
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Building Project Management Capability

Posted on04 Jul 2016
In this age of disruption companies are transforming their operating models to be more competitive, adaptive and lean. At the heart of this transformation is the need to build project management capability, the fundamental link between strategy and delivery. So how does an organization go about...
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Dodgy RTO’s exposed, but students pay the price

Posted on10 May 2016
Recent investigations into Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia have revealed some shocking and corrupt practices, where profit was sought at the expense of quality and value. The result has been a flood of students that enrolled but failed to complete courses that were substandard, over...
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When does Benefits Realisation Begin and End?

Posted on09 May 2016
The problem with realising benefits The goal of many projects is to have a new product, service or business improvement successfully adopted by an organisation. And for many project managers, the buck stops there. The project is implemented, reviewed shortly afterwards and declared a success as...
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Disaster Recovery and Risk Management

Posted on25 Apr 2016
Be Prepared not Scared when it comes to Disaster Recovery and Risk Management A well-defined and effective project will be underscored by innovation and will drive towards a dynamic and shifting goal. Said simply, in the world of project management risks are necessary, and unexpected developments...
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Video – changing the face of change management

Posted on11 Apr 2016
Whether in project management or change management, learning and development is essential for an organisation to succeed. An increasingly fast paced and globalised world has put increased capital on having flexible resources that you can redirect, as well as a team that exists in a learning...
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12 Tips To Make Your Project Environmentally Friendly

Posted on01 Apr 2016
Think forward and go green. We all live in the same fast-paced capitalist consumer society and find ourselves subject to its relentless pursuit of growth. Indeed as Project Managers, we are often tasked with the delivery of new developments, change and business value and are evaluated...
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Innovation & Project Management

Posted on28 Mar 2016
Innovation and Project Management Are Old Friends If you’ve turned on the TV in the last few months you’ll be well aware of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s fierce championing of innovation as the lifeblood of Australia’s economic future.  In the federal government’s recent National Innovation and...
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The X Factor of Stakeholder Management

Posted on02 Mar 2016
Some crucial aspects of project management, like time, cost, and quality of work, are typically bestowed with supreme importance in the success or failure of projects.  However, of possibly greater importance is the often-mishandled element of projects, stakeholder management. Its reliance on ‘soft skills’, such as...
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2015 – Project Management Post Year Review

Posted on29 Jan 2016
Foreword The Chinese philosopher Confucius once called reflection “the highest method of gaining wisdom”. Well, project managers (renowned philosophers that we are) also have a saying for this: we call it “lessons learned”. With this in mind, the following Post Year Review (PYR) for 2015 will...
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Gamified Professional Training and Development

Posted on13 Dec 2015
There is an emerging trend to use gamification or simulations in the workplace. It is being seen in both recruitment and also during in house training events. So what exactly is gamification and why is it so popular? When recruiting, team activities and games are sometimes a...
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Project Management and Your Business

Posted on09 Dec 2015
Project Management is the art of making sure that your projects reach their goal. From the first stages of the project – design, brainstorming and sharing of ideas, through to the wrap – good management will get you results. If your goal is to drive sales...
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Soft skills for project managers

Posted on19 Mar 2015
There’s a saying in project management: “When it comes to achieving outcomes, project managers have all of the responsibility but none of the authority”. Meaning we often find ourselves with little or no formal authority over the project team, resources or constraints. We manage teams of...
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What is a project?

Posted on17 Mar 2015
These days, the word “project” is applied to an enormous range of activities – from building a facility, developing software, rolling out a new service, launching a product, running an event, implementing a new policy, executing a merger, restoring an ecosystem, and so on. So what...
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