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An agile simulation

A 2-hour Agile simulation set in 18th-century revolutionary France

The French term “brouhaha” has the following translations according to the English Collins dictionary:  hubbub; commotion; a babel of noise; a babble of voices; cross talk…

Sounds like projects to us!

A glorious din of collaboration, competition and merriment is what this simulation delivers, whilst simultaneously team-building, embedding knowledge and skills in Agile project management, and developing a range of behavioural competencies such as leadership and communication.

Watch Le Brouhaha in action.

The challenge

Le Brouhaha pits two rival armies – Royalists and Revolutionaries – against each other in an all-out contest for glory and bragging rights in this super fun simulation incorporating Agile sprints, sprint planning sessions, sprint retrospectives, and of course French-speaking generals, drones and Nerf guns.

Teams are challenged to collaborate, adapt and problem-solve to conquer their enemy. This high-impact event illuminates core Agile concepts such as Minimum Viable Product, team-based planning, and acting on lessons learned identified in retrospectives. Teams must find a way to optimise their resources utilisation and seize opportunities, whilst balancing competing goals such as defence and attack, preparation and battle.

The power of simulation

Gamified simulations are at the leading edge of adult education as they provide a bridge between theory based learning and work based application. Project simulations are consistent with 70:20:10 learning frameworks as they deliver kinaesthetic learning (“learning by doing”), build competence and confidence, and support long-term professional development through self reflection and peer discussion. They create a ‘safe’ environment in which to learn, experiment, and innovate…as a team.

Unlike computer-based simulations, our live, team-based simulations bring people together to develop the soft skills and behavioural competencies that are known to underpin successful projects and high-performing teams. These include communication, leadership, reflection, problem solving, trust, innovation, negotiation, collaboration and more.


Our range of scaleable simulations can be run for groups of any size (6-200+) as stand-alone events for the purposes of:

  • developing the knowledge, skills, competence and confidence of project professionals
  • developing organisational capability and maturity
  • team-building events, and
  • celebrations such as end-of-year parties, EOFY parties, project kick-offs, major milestones and celebrations.

Simulations can also be embedded in larger events such as conferences, training programs, transformations and change initiatives to add an experiential component, fun, or just to give them ‘a lift’.

Project simulations are ideal for:

  • Team building
  • Launching a new project
  • Training and skill development (e.g. soft skills, project  management, Agile principles and concepts)
  • Embedding change in transformation programs
  • ‘Nudging’ culture

Learn more about our project management simulations here.

Participant Feedback

“Great energy in the room during the war game”  

“Thanks for reminding us about the forgotten practice of having fun while collaborating. Lots of smiles and laughter, increased interaction and ice breaking between attendees” 

“A lot of lessons learnt through an interactive night along with a great opportunity to network”

“This was Agile Project Management on steroids – I learnt so much from one event”

“A delight. I could see that the guys loved the shooting gallery”

(Attendees from the ‘Delivering Value – Shaping the Future’ meetup where Le Brouhaha was launched in November 2017)


Read more about this action-packed evening at a popular project management meetup in Sydney where Elemental Projects showcased this simulation to illustrate the power of fun and games to ignite learning, innovation, and collaboration.