In-house delivery

This course is only available for in-house delivery and can be customised to suit the specific needs of each client. To enquire about the course, please click below.


An introduction to project management through an engaging 2-hour team-based simulation


The Pitch combines learning, competition, humour and reflection in a vintage pop culture setting inspired by the popular TV series “Mad Men”. Teams are transported to the competitive world of advertising in 1960’s New York. Participants will be surprised and delighted with every twist of the simulation, whilst developing essential project management knowledge and skills via experiential learning and facilitated reflection. Project Players work in teams and progress through the project lifecycle where they are challenged to produce best practice project management documentation, apply project management skills, balance competing priorities and problem solve in the face of emerging issues and in a dynamic office context.

The Pitch can be delivered as a stand-alone event, as part of a broader learning program or as a prologue to our 1-day simulation Mencken Madness.


Why Use Simulation

Gamified simulations are at the leading edge of adult education as they provide a bridge between theory based learning and work based application. Project simulations deliver kinaesthetic learning (“learning by doing”), put participants in the ‘flow zone’, enhance retention and are an ideal adjunct to 70:20:10 frameworks. Unlike computer-based simulations, team-based simulations deliberately brings people together to develop the soft skills and behavioural competencies known to underpin successful projects and high-performing teams, such as trust, communication, reflection, problem solving, innovation, negotiation, collaboration and more. Moreover, these scaleable high-impact events provide infinitely more value compared with traditional team building events, such as bowling and pup-lunches.

Project simulations are ideal for:

  • Team building
  • Launching a new project
  • Training and skill development (e.g. soft skills, project  management capability, agile methodology)
  • Embedding change in transformation programs
  • ‘Nudging’ culture

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Participant Feedback

 “The simulation was exactly what I came for. Awesome!”  – Attendee at AITD Event (November 2016)

“Creating a project plan and related documents are easy but the execution of the plan is the challenge” – Attendee at PMI Syd Chapter Event (July 2017)

 “Team dynamics is one of the most important aspects of project delivery” – Attendee at PMI Syd Chapter Event (July 2017)

“Aligning the project with strategic objectives is of the utmost importance” – Attendee at PMI Syd Chapter Event (July 2017)

“The final wrap about gamification was interesting and the activity was fun” – Attendee at AITD Event (November 2016)