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The fastest and cheapest way to gain a nationally recognised qualification in project management.

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Achieve a BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management through Recognition of Prior Learning

If you already have significant knowledge, skills and experience as a project manager, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL is the best way to fast track your training to obtain a qualification.

Three simple steps…


Collect project management documents from two projects that you have managed within the past two years, and answer some knowledge questions.


Discuss your projects with your assessor to demonstrate your existing knowledge and experience as a project manager.


If you are found competent in all units offered in our training, then we will award you for RPL and you will receive your Diploma in the post, usually within 20 working days

Qualifications are awarded by the Registered Training Organisation Major Training Services (RTO No. 90748). Visit www.majortraining.com.au for information and policies.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management through Recognition of Prior Learning, you must:

  • Have been working as a project manager for at least twelve months;
  • Be able to provide a range of documentation from at least two projects that you managed within the past two years
  • Have developed these project plans yourself (or substantially contributed to them) as project manager
  • Be able to demonstrate your knowledge of industry-standard project management concepts, terms, processes, tools and techniques, by answering some written knowledge questions and discussing these with your assessor.
Documents Required

Project records and documents are assessed as evidence of your capability as a Project Manager across all key project management competency areas. Some examples of such documents are outlined below for your reference, noting these may not all be required.

Your assessor will help you to determine which records can be used as evidence and advise you on how to fill any evidence gaps for assessment purposes.

Integration Management documents

– e.g. Project Charter, Project Management Plan, Status Reports, Change Logs, Closure Reports

Scope Management documents

– e.g. Scope Statement, Requirements Document, Work Breakdown Structure, change requests, records of integrated change control, scope verification and validation/acceptance records, record of handover of completed deliverables and minor outstanding items (if any)

Time Management documents

– e.g. Schedule, Milestone Chart, Gantt chart, due dates for key deliverables/milestones, updated schedules showing status of work/progress, status reports including schedule performance data  

Cost Management documents

– e.g. Cost Estimate, Budget, Cash Flow Analysis, records of actual costs, updated versions of cost plans, cost reconciliations, establishment and closure of cost accounts, status reports including cost performance data

Quality Management documents

– e.g. Quality Plan, Configuration Plan, Testing Plan, records of Quality Assurance (e.g. communication of quality standards to be met) and Quality Control (e.g. final inspections, independent audits, checklists, etc)

Human Resources Management documents

– e.g. Organisation Breakdown Structure, Roles & Responsibilities Table, Responsibilities Assignment Matrix, Gantt of Resources, Resource Levelling Charts, Skills Domain Matrix, Training & Development Plans, resourced schedule, records of allocation of work to team members, performance management records, one-on-one meetings with team members, compliance checks, induction & off-boarding records, exit interviews

Communication Management documents

– e.g. Communication Plan, communication evidence (emails, flyers, presentations, etc), records of information management (e.g. managing access to project documentation)

Risk Management documents

– e.g. Risk Register, lessons learned, Issue Logs, agendas/minutes from team meetings showing discussion of risk

Procurement Management documents

– e.g. Procurement Plan, contracts, contractor performance reports, notice of contract discharge/breech

Stakeholder Management documents

– e.g. Stakeholder Analysis, Change Management Plan, communication evidence, training/workshop evidence

Governance documents

– e.g. Governance Structures, guiding documents/policies/procedures/manuals, Signoff Register, Organisational Breakdown Structure, Reporting Plan, records of authorisation and decisions.

Team effectiveness records

– e.g. team building activities, team meetings, communication with team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will my evidence be treated as confidential?

A)      Yes. Your assessor will treat your comments and documentation as commercial-in-confidential material, and no copies of your project documentation will be kept. If required, your assessor will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement before viewing your evidence.

Q) How long does it take?

A) The process of collecting your documents and answering the knowledge questions can vary, depending on how much evidence you have access to – from as little as 1 week, to as long as 6 months. Once you have provided all required documents to your assessor, you will have a 2-hour assessment interview to validate your evidence and discuss your answers to the knowledge questions. After that, assuming that you have demonstrated competency in all required units, it normally takes around 10 working days to receive your qualification in the post.

Q) What happens if I don’t pass a unit of competency?

A) If you are found Not Yet Competent in any units of the BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management, then your assessor will discuss these with you during your assessment interview, and provide recommendations around how to fill these gaps. You will then have up to 6 months to provide the additional evidence required to achieve this qualification.  If, following your second assessment interview, you are still unable to demonstrate competency in any unit/s, then you will receive a Statement of Attainment for those units in which you were found Competent, along with a detailed Professional Development Plan outlining your assessor’s recommendations about how to develop your knowledge, skills and portfolio of evidence in order to achieve a result of Competent in the ‘gap’ units. A follow-up assessment can then be undertaken at a later date, to specifically target these gap units and achieve the Diploma of Project Management (additional fees apply).

Q) Who will award my qualification?

A) Elemental Projects is auspiced by the Registered Training Organisation Major Training Services (RTO Code: 90748). This means that Elemental Projects will conduct the assessment, then send an Assessor Report to Major Training Services. Based on the recommendation outlined in the Assessor Report, Major Training Services will then issue either a BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management or a Statement of Attainment for units successfully completed, and post this and all supporting documentation to you. For more information about the RTO, please visit: http://www.majortraining.com.au.   

Q) What’s the next step?

A) Enroll and continue to the payment page. Your assessor will contact you within 3 working days to kick off the process and provide you with a ‘Recognition Enrollment Form’ for completion.