PMI Sydney Gets Mad About Projects

11 Oct 2017

PMI Sydney Chapter gets Mad About Projects with this gamified project simulation

Mad About Projects

Kestrel Stone and the rest of the Elemental Projects team were excited to introduce members of the PMI Sydney Chapter to the concept of gamification with a 1-hour project simulation (aka The Pitch) inspired by the hit TV show “Mad Men” on 25 July 2017 at Cliftons in Sydney.

Up to 100 project professionals joined this high-impact event which combined networking, gamified skill development and gave a ‘behind the curtain’ look at how project simulations can support team building, project performance uplift and soft skill development.

Groups worked in teams of four or more to develop key project management documents and deliverables as they progressed through the project life-cycle. Active problem solving was required as teams faced diverse challenges such as an absent sponsor, competing time, quality and cost requirements and emerging issues (aka ‘BOMBS’) necessitating project re-calibration and driven by competition and fun.

Simulation Feedback

We were pleased to hear some great feedback from participants on the night such as:

  • “What a great team building event”
  • “That was so much fun”
  • “The sim really highlighted the challenge of the scope triangle”
  • “We got all the project documentation complete but didn’t have much time to produce our flip chart!”
  • “Despite being seasoned project managers we made some rookie errors”
  • “Even simple projects have their challenges”
  • “Teams moved from storming to performing” and
  • “I am excited to apply some gamification techniques to engage and develop my project teams”.

PMI Sydney Chapter members can access a free video of the event by registering or logging into PMI TV.

Contact us about bringing the x-factor to your next team building event or learn more about our project simulations including The Battle, Mad About Projects and The Pitch.