Video Production Services

Video offers an innovative, engaging and cost effective means of communicating with your target audience, be they staff, customers, end users, or stakeholders.


Communicating through video enables you to deploy important messages to a large, geographically disbursed audience, consistently and powerfully. It also enables your audience to receive your message at the same time, wherever they are, on any digital device.


Elemental Projects offers a range of video production services that can effectively and efficiently improve your communication, training, marketing, knowledge management, change management, and stakeholder management outcomes.


Why go video?

Here are some of the reasons why our customers are choosing video over traditional communication methods:


  • Visually exciting, engaging, and contemporary format – so viewers want to watch
  • Highly accessible mobile technology which can be distributed via multiple diverse communication platforms simultaneously, directly to viewers
  • Easily shared through social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, creating a vastly enhanced reach
  • Lower production cost than many face-to-face formats, particularly with large or geographically dispersed audiences
  • Lower risk than face-to-face formats with speaker availability, venue constraints, and participant attendance all irrelevant
  • Ability re-use, update and enhance existing videos, providing even greater return on investment
  • Enables a self-service model which puts the user in control, creating agency, supporting knowledge retention, and enabling “just in time” learning
  • Supports best-practice learning and development models including 70:20:10, blended learning, flipped classroom, e-learning, and micro-learning
  • Enables the number of views to be tracked easily using Learning Management Systems, for reporting and compliance purposes
  • Less down-time for participants, compared with attending face-to-face training programs or briefing sessions



  • Includes 1 hour of filming
  • One presenter
  • Editing and branded intro/outro
  • Suits live events, lectures, or seminars with minimal post production needs
  • ~ 3 week timeframe



  • Includes script writing
  • 2 hours of filming
  • Multiple presenters
  • Adding text and music
  • Editing and bookending
  • Suits update videos, project showcase and highlight realls
  • ~ 6 week timeframe



  • Includes storyboard
  • Script writing
  • 3 hours of filming
  • Multiple presentersn (including EP resources or actors if required)
  • Adding animations
  • Text and music
  • Editing and bookending
  • Suits high impact, glossy advertisement level of video content
  • ~ 12 week timeframe


Package inclusions










1 hour of filming




2 hours of filming



3 hours of filming



Natural backdrop (no greenscreen)

Greenscreen backdrop


One presenter

Multiple presenters


Script writing



Post production & editing:




Basic film editing

Colour correction

Advanced film editing



Digital backdrop replacing greenscreen


Compositing & visual effects



Static intro

Dynamic intro



Static outro

Animation – titles & lower thirds

Animation – text overlay


Animation – objects & motion graphics



Basic audio processing

Advanced audio processing



Background music & sound effects






Preliminary scoping session/brief

Pre-shoot review (script & storyboard)


Post-shoot review



Post-animation review


Final review