Video Production Services

Without a doubt, video is the medium-of-choice when it comes to consuming information in the digital age.

We offer an end-to-end video production service as an innovative and cost effective means of enhancing project and program management, change management, engaging project communities and stakeholders, communicating, and building organisational agility.   

Easier than you think…

With our mobile film studio, we can come to you, wherever you are. We can storyboard, script, film, edit, and animate videos quickly, cheaply, and to a professional standard of quality that engages the viewer to instantly and clearly communicate your message.

With delivery timeframes as short as four weeks, and our three-tiered pricing model, you may be surprised at how quick and easy this innovative approach can be. 

We produce…

  • Methodology Videos summarising your organisational project and/or program management methodology
  • How-To Videos explaining specific policies, procedures, processes, tools, and techniques
  • Spotlight Videos providing a short, documentary-style overview of a project/program to give insight into how the team delivered the project, how challenges were overcome, and what lessons were learned
  • Kick-Starter Videos capturing the project/program background, objectives, planned benefits and long-term outcomes, major deliverables, approach, team protocols/culture, and more, to get everyone on the same page.
  • Snapshot Videos to complement, or even replace, written status reports. 

Video solutions can be used to support blended learning, flipped classroom, e-learning, micro-learning, and reflective learning methods.

When it comes to enhancing project performance, communicating your project management methodology, or instantly reaching a wide audience to deliver key messages with maximum clarity and impact, video simply can’t be beaten.